Herbal Body Quick Slim or Scam?

Herbal Body Quick Slim or Scam?

In a culture that is perpetually obsessed with the latest weight loss craze, many people are plunking their hard earned dollars for herbal body wrap treatments in the anticipation that they will drastically and effortlessly reduce their weight. While body wraps have become a popular treatment and provide a wide variety of benefits, drastic weight reduction is unfortunately not one of them.

An herbal body wrap treatment can come in several forms: you can either get one done at a salon or spa, or you can purchase body wrap kits for you to do at home. There are a variety of different types of body wraps available today, from intricate combinations infused with aromatherapy oils, to simple clay treatments.

A body wrap typically works like this: either nude or minimally clothed, a person gets wrapped (or wraps themselves) firmly in thin elastic strips or thin towels saturated by the herbal body wrap solutions. Times vary, but a body wrap may take generally from an hour to 21/2 hours. Follow up treatments may be repeated, and in addition there are a number of recommendations given regarding the wraps, such as no use of lotions or creams for at least six hours before the treatment.

So if it?s not guaranteed to provide effortless weight loss, why would anyone want to wrap themselves in goo for a couple of hours?

Well, an herbal body wrap may not make you lose 20 overnight, but there are a number of other benefits that they provide that are helping to make them extremely popular. A body wrap does help reduce inches -- creating a shapelier appearance. It can help firm, tighten, and tone sagging skin due to weight loss or pregnancy. The ingredients in herbal wraps can also usually work wonders on the skin itself, creating a more hydrated, softer, more supple appearance.

Depending on the type of herbal body wrap you get, many also claim that the solutions help to remove toxins from the body as well. Need more benefits? Many people schedule body wrap treatments the same reason they go to the salon or spa to get a facial: relaxation and pampering. You?ll feel refreshed, renewed, and your skin will probably thank you.

If you are interested in an herbal body wrap treatment, you can cut the cost of getting them at a spa or salon by purchasing body wrap kits for use at home. Some websites even offer recipes for body wrap solutions you can make at home -- grab a couple of fluffy towels, light some candles, and you?ve created the relaxing atmosphere of a spa retreat right in your own home.

An herbal body wrap might also be a good gift for someone you know -- it?s an alternative that they may or may not get themselves, but might really be thrilled at such a pampered indulgence. A body wrap is also a good alternative to questionable 3 day fasting or other quick diets people sometimes use before a special events, allowing an effective natural way to look your best.

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